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What I've always found fascinating about the horror genre, is the fact that it has always been perfectly synced with the times. Our world, our culture and our strife are wonderfully encapsulated into moments of terror and in a way, that makes classic horror films their own disturbing time capsule. But the downside to such structure is that horror in a way, is not generational. You can't pop in a DVD of Dawn of the Dead and expect a younger fan to instantly be sucked in like they would with films from other genres because of the fact these gory little slices of history, are indeed a touch dated. But once in a great while, a horror film does come along that manages to transcend the test of time, as was the case with the original 1990 release of It. 

I say that, because 1990's It used a wonderful blend of Americana and outright fear to transcend the 'dating' issues that other horror films suffer from and the end result of that wonderful mix is a modern classic that fans across generations have enjoyed. But the only drawback to that film is that it never quite unleashed its true potential, because with it being a television miniseries, it was heavily censored, and while it pushed the envelope and paved the way for modern horror on T.V., I think we've all wondered what Pennywise would be like on screen without any constraints and thankfully, 27 years after the original aired on television, a remake that allows for a pure and unfettered visual interpretation of Stephen King's wildly popular novel has arrived at last and let me tell you now, the 2017 iteration of It, is nothing short of magnificent.

This is an absolutely terrifying horror film through and through because it truly goes to the darkest recesses of our imagination. The things we feared as children, and the things we fear now come to life in this motion picture and these unsettling and disturbing visuals will leave you uncomfortable and squirming in your seat as you watch them play out before your eyes and all of these scares work for one reason and one reason alone...Actor Bill Skarsgård's incredible portrayal of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. His Pennywise stands on its own, to the point where a comparison to Tim Curry's version of Pennywise is an utter waste of time. Because Bill has created something new and chilling. This interpretation of Pennywise removes any trace of the 'humanity' by way of joy we saw in the previous film. This clown is truly a predator, one that enjoys the thrill of the hunt and the taste of its fearful prey over anything else.

However, once you get past the bone chilling scares and powerfully disturbing Pennywise, there's a few surprises to be found in this film as well. First and foremost, this film injects some serious life into the characters by making The Losers Club supremely relatable to the audience. The awkwardness of high school is something all of us recall and in a short period of time we are taken back those goofier moments in our lives and the diversity of the quirks from the aforementioned club allow for us to instantly tie ourselves to one or all of the characters. Yet, part of the magic of this voyage back in time is also the fact that this film does a fine job of reminding us of how tough it was to be a kid. We can all recall a moment where we felt as though a particular adult, or adults in general treated us with disregard because of our age and that's brought back to life in this film. 

But truly, the centerpiece of It, and what makes this film so magical, is the raw coming of age story that it turns out to be. By interspersing a killer clown between segments that reflect our youth and our past, we bear witness to the tough moments when these kids are forced to grow into something more. They have to fight their fears, and deal with a world full of cruelty and evil, and a thing from beyond that wants nothing more than to eat them, and seeing all of that play out on the silver screen, and seeing them slowly overcome those challenges is quite satisfying indeed and really, this kind of storytelling, and the feelings it evokes, instantly reminded of me of when I read the original novel many, many years ago, making this film a faithful envisioning of King's work and I'm thankful that the powers that be included this powerful piece of storytelling, rather than just giving us an outright slasher flick.

Which means that when you combine all of those elements together, you're left with quite the emotional experience when it comes to this film, with a focus on fear for certain, since there were genuine screams of terror in the theater I was sitting in and there was a definite sense of dread that washed over me when I realized there was a fair chance that something bad was about to happen and when all is said and done, I loved this motion picture. It's truly one of the finest horror films I've seen in recent years and I hope other horror properties, be them original or remakes such as this, take a page from this story and provide us with a complete experience, one that focuses on a quality story over the gore and easy scares and one stays with you long after the film has come to an end. But in the meantime, go out and see It as soon as you can, you'll be glad you did and in doing so, you'll help send a message to the horror industry that you want to see more quality horror such as this on the big screen.

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Memories are something special for everyone. Overall, the things that you remember most can add to who you are today. As time passes over a lifetime, it is easy to get lost when trying to look towards the future, but if you refuse to look back on your mistakes, you are likely to make them again. It is important to remember who you are and where you came from before moving forward, because in the long run, you are the only one that can find the way you are supposed to go after you get lost.

A new day is upon Dwight and he is looking forward to it as always. Preaching to himself about how bad life is in the asylum, he gets a visit from an orderly who wants him to cheer up a bit. Being taken to see Doctor Shakes, Dwight seems fine, but when looking at the doctor and seeing a corpse, he starts to understand why he has been locked away, that and the fact he cannot remember what he did to get thrown in there in the first place. As the day moves on, Dwight is starting to wonder why he is locked up and what he can do to escape and getting advice from one of his closest friends should help a lot.

Talking with Van Gogh in the yard, Dwight admits to seeing things that others cannot and while that might make him crazy, Van Gogh sees the same things. But taking it to the next level, Van Gogh has removed one of his eyes after seeing something that he did not want to see. Painting what he sees in the future, Van Gogh’s eyes are open to the world and what it holds, but little does he know of the power that he possesses. Drawing a bird and watching it drop dead in the yard, Dwight wants to use this talent to escape his prison and begs his friend to draw the doctor so he can escape this hell. Doing as he has been asked, a faceless doctor is created and to Dwight’s delight, what he thought would happen comes true, just in a more gruesome way.

Escaping the asylum and finding his way through the local cemetery, Dwight finds himself being chased by more of these faceless monsters. Before they are able to catch up with him, he sees a car crash and tries to pull the dying man out to help him. As the stranger dies, Dwight believes that his only path to freedom is assuming this man’s identity. Returning to Artemus Finch’s house and meeting the recently deceased man’s wife, Dwight sees that she does not see a stranger, but her two-timing husband. With a new path ahead of him in Finch’s body, Dwight feels like there is nothing that can stop him, but as the days pass, he starts to fear that he is losing himself in the mix. Also, the faceless creatures have found their way to him and are looking to take back what he took from them before his time runs out.

A very interesting story where you are trying to figure out if Dwight is crazy or not and if everything strange that is happening is really there or in his head. I really enjoyed his stories throughout, especially the one of a nameless angel that would visit him after his treatments in the asylum, mainly because he could not remember who she was. Seeing as to how he was able to find an anchor for his existence with his new wife Ellen, Dwight seemed to have everything going for him, but once the faceless group were able to find him, all bets were off and he started catching glimpses of the man he or Finch was before. With plenty of blood, a disturbed dead doctor, an eyeless best friend who can still see and a shot of redemption for what he did in his previous life, it is a fun movie with some shocking scenes and a great score that will leave you wondering why you feel so good as the credits begin to roll. Stay Scared.

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Finding the balance between pure horror and quality exposition is an art form really, and it's something that Fear the Walking Dead is beginning to master in its third season. Because week in and week out, it keeps finding a way to tell its harrowing story all while keeping us on the edge of our seats. But despite the intensity this show has been placing before us for some time now, let's be honest...the sheer horror that comes with the living dead has been missing for a short while. 

The story has focused and focused hard on Madison's quest to make peace at Broke Jaw Ranch, which is why last night's episode, 'La Serpiente', was such an unexpected surprise. Because not only did it examine our more primal human instincts, specifically survival and what people will sometimes do to get exactly what they want in life, along with the return of a 'classic' Walking Dead-universe ​theme, it also took the time to bring back that sense of pure horror by bringing the walking dead back to the forefront and quite frankly, their return made the first half of this episode completely and utterly terrifying. 

All of that was accomplished with an extended look at Madison, Walker and Strand's journey to the Dam, where we were quickly reacquainted with the horrors of a world gone by since the living dead were everywhere, and while that's nothing new, what made this particular sequence so incredibly intense and terrifying, was the sheer fact that in order to get to the Dam, this small group had to climb into the sewers and find their path through the darkness and that's when things truly got interesting because wouldn't you know it? The dead were down there too.  

Their discovery of walkers in the sewers made for one intense chase scene, where the trio had to crawl through cringeworthy liquids to escape the ravenous corpses and well, I'm not normally someone who has trouble with tight and confined spaces, but when they came to a dead end thanks to a bloated and agitated walker blocking their path to the Dam, I wanted out of these tunnels as badly as Madison did and the sense of urgency that came with getting the waterlogged walker out of the way since there was a fair chance the dead were right behind them, left me taking a few deep breaths when the show went to commercial break. 

However, once that sequence came to an end, it was time to return to the quality storytelling we've come to know and love in season three and upon arriving at the Dam, what should have been a simple set of negotiations for the ranch to obtain the water they need...turned out to be quite the opposite since Lola was quick to refuse any and all aid to Broke Jaw Ranch, creating further tension between Walker and Madison and once again resurrecting that age old, but quality thematic concept we find in this universe, in that...people simply cannot escape the past when it comes to the end of the world.

Because Lola's decision to hold aid back to Madison was not based upon supply or demand, but loyalty to her people. She truly believed that the people of Tijuana should have one another's backs and outsiders should go their own way, and that by sticking to her guns in such a manner, and continuing to provide water to those in need; that the people of this town would finally come to realize that Lola is their hero and come together at last. However, this is something that Daniel fully realizes is a pipe dream and that with the world gone, such hope is no longer possible, all that matters now is surviving to see another day...at any cost necessary. 

As it turns out, Daniel's line of thinking, allows for he and Strand to inadvertently work together once again because they now share a mutual cause, protecting what they hold dear, and by coming to an understanding, we see how far both men are willing to go to get what they want. Because the surprise detonation of a water truck, courtesy of Strand, and a speech from Daniel in regards to how the situation will only escalate, allows for Lola to strike a deal with Broke Jaw Ranch for weapons in exchange for water and just like that...Madison has saved the people of the ranch, restored Walker's faith in her and I think it's safe to assume that despite this episode's happy ending, we all know this exchange will come at a grave cost at some point down the line...

When all is said and done however, this episode gets some serious props for accomplishing plenty over the course of an hour. Because not only did this story do a phenomenal job of terrifying us thanks to that opening sewer sequence, it was also a return to a simpler style of storytelling, which is something I truly appreciated because it's clear that this tale, was to serve as a transitional episode. By wrapping up the water storyline, and reminding us that there are other threats out there in the world, it would seem we are setting the stage for new challenges for both camps in this story and now that this thread has come to its end, I cannot wait to see what waits on the horizon for the people of Broke Jaw Ranch, and the Dam for that matter as well. Until next time. 

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There is always something exciting about uncovering the truth. As many people like to keep you in the dark about their lives, it only makes you want to find out what they are trying to hide from you. Finding the answers to the unanswered questions gives you a sense of accomplishment, but it can also hurt the person that you are looking into. Keep your eyes open as to what they are willing to show you, as it may be enough to go off of, but when you start digging, just be mindful that you are opening a box to something that may not only be hurtful for someone, but hurtful for you as well.

Getting into a foreclosed house to work on their story, reporter Sara and her team find that the house has its little secrets running about. With the power and water still on, all of the previous owner’s property is still inside as well. Looking through the house and seeing that the Wittlocke family that lived there left in a hurry, Sara knows that there could be more to the story than just the house being foreclosed. Digging through the evidence, Charlie and Milo locate a box of home movies in a locked closet and decide to view them and see what they can find out about the family.

Watching the tapes one at a time, Milo is slowly starting to find that there is a stranger on them that cannot be seen by the human eye. When he gets to the tape that has Dan Wittlocke complaining to his wife that they are being stalked by this unseen force, he goes back to review the previous recordings and finds a faceless man in all of them. Showing what he has found to Sara and Charlie, Sara wants more to the story and gets plenty of interviews with the town locals and what they thought about the family. Wanting the story to be the next big hit in the town, the group continues their work in finding out what really happened to the Wittlockes, but it is opening the door to something that they never expected.

Feeling uneasy while reviewing the tapes, Milo starts to keep his camera on all of the time, fearing that the faceless man is stalking him. Finding out that his fears are right and he has been marked by the stranger, Milo needs to convince his co-workers that they are in trouble. But Charlie and Sara are not as concerned about the faceless man as they are about Milo stalking Sara for months prior. Making his point and forcing Charlie to see the faceless man through the camera, all of the vendettas are put away as the group must find a way to beat the stranger at his own game. Being able to locate where the Wittlockes moved to, the group decides to ask them how they beat the stranger, but finding that the new house is in ashes is not a good sign and a new set of tapes will change their lives forever.

Going into this movie blind, I must say it felt like a telling of the Slenderman that I have heard so much about online. Knowing nothing about Marble Hornet, I must admit that this movie makes me want to follow their series, at least to see how the story played out online as I have read that it is pretty different from the movie. This is a pretty solid found footage movie, I liked how the faceless man made his entrance into scenes with a flicker of the camera. The story plays out as you would expect without too much deviation from ones you have seen before, so it is a little predictable, but that is alright as you get to see a family’s life on video and see how they break down as the faceless man makes his way into it. With some jump scares, a faceless man in a suit, plenty of cameras, a projector and a creepy night time car scene, it is a pretty good movie that will leave you wondering how on earth can you defeat this kind of evil. Stay Scared.

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What frightens you the most? This is a question that has plagued people for their entire lives and it is not going anywhere. The answer to that question, ranges from the silly, like a fear of clowns, to things more extreme, like having their family hacked to pieces. Everyone has their own fears and while some are open about it, others try to keep it close to the vest, because there are people out there that are more than willing to prey on someone’s fears. If you have followed me at all, I have the silly fear of clowns and no matter how much I try to get over it, it will probably stick with me until the day I die.

Working on his next thesis, George is ready to take it to the extreme. With fear on his mind, he wants to shoot a documentary about what scares people the most. Being able to convince his friends to join him on a camping trip that will take them into the woods, he is keeping one part of the trip a secret. Being able to find a place that will put him next to the Amityville House, he does not let anyone know of what his plans really are. With his sister Elizabeth, girlfriend Sarah, camera man Simon and his friend and ‘one with the earth’ Lisa, the group is ready to spend the night in the woods with no idea what is in store for them.

As nightfall comes early, the group hears someone or something in the woods that piques their interest. As George is more than willing to check it out, he finds that they are not the only people poking around.  A father is roaming the woods looking for his daughter that went missing weeks ago and gives the group a warning that the woods are no place to be messing around. On the other side of camp Simon is trying to find a safe place to do his business when he spots what appears to be a little girl who may be lost. Not being able to find the girl, Simon brings the news back to camp and everyone wants to try and help. But the little girl cannot be found and the group is not comfortable with the outcome.

As daylight shines down on the group while they are getting ready to leave, George has altered their plans. Wanting the group to stay one more night for his film, he is ready to play on their fears, but little does he know what the night will have in store for them. Finding the Amityville House and showing it to Sarah, she starts to fear for what might be going bump in the night. Getting back to camp and being forced to go into the woods alone, she sees the little girl as well. Knowing that the little girl needs help, the group stumbles upon the body of the father who was looking for his daughter. Knowing that there is something out there that has the power to kill, the group tries to leave the woods, but there is no escaping the evil that is hunting them.

I like the idea of a haunted house, now I like the idea of haunted woods as well. This movie did a good job of keeping the shadows a little bit darker so you could not see what might be hiding in them. I really liked the side story of a woman who went missing in the house years before, it just added something that I did not expect in the story. With that being said, I am a little shocked that it did not seem like anyone in the group paid any attention to what happened in the video, or at least finished it before their trip, it could have saved them the headaches. With creepy sounds in the woods, a missing person who will never be found, a little girl stalking the camp and a leader who refuses to be frightened by anything other than his father’s opinion of him, it is not a bad addition to the Amityville legacy that seems like it will never come to an end. Stay Scared.

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When you are going house hunting, it is always important to know what happened in the walls before the house becomes your home. I mean if there was a meth lab inside the house before you moved in, you might have junkies rolling up to your door on a daily basis. But if there was a murder inside the house, you might find yourself receiving all kinds of visitors, outside and inside, who are just trying to get a better look. Buying a house is a very big deal and for most of it, it is a lifetime of savings going into it, so you better be sure that if there are strings attached, they can only be pulled by you.

While working on a new story about mortgages, investigative reporter Julia is starting to see a pattern emerge when she uncovers the deaths of a few homeowners. Not getting cleared by her boss to continue with her telling of the story, she gets a phone call from a stranger where he admits to killing her sister and her family. Rushing to her sister’s home to see that everything that the man said was true, the murderer is taken into custody, but there does not seem to be a reason behind his crime. 

Laying her family to rest, Julia and her cop boyfriend Declan return to the scene of the crime only to see that the murder room has been torn out of the house. Wanting to know who bought the house, Julia turns to her real estate source and is able to get the name of Revelation Holdings, who has been infamous for purchasing houses where tragedies have taken place. Being able to track down several of the houses they own, Julia finds that where ever a death has taken place, the offending crime scene is removed, just like in her sister’s house. Even though the current residents don’t seem to mind it, there are strange sounds coming from the areas, but there is nothing left inside the walls to cause them to happen.

Trying to explain to her boss what she has been working on for the past week, Julia receives a video tape from a town named New English that shows the murder of her sister’s family, but there is something very odd with the video, as the walls do not seem to be joined together as they should. Talking to the man that murdered her family, Julia gets confused by his riddles, but seeing that he is from New English as well, a pattern begins to form. With so many of the murder victims of the houses that had the murder rooms removed being from New English, as well as Julia, she believes it is time to stop by the town to see what the connection really is. Not being received nicely by the locals, Julia talks to an old woman, Allie, who is willing to tell her story, but that is when things start to take a turn for the worse.

I firmly believe that houses hold on to memories, be it good ones or bad ones. Seeing this being put into action on the screen is something that I never imagined I would see, and I kind of liked it. As an old preacher made promises to the town of New English, and was not able to deliver, he then turned away from God and gave into the easy way. I really liked the small town and the layouts of the murder rooms in the open and in the massive murder room house were pretty inventive. The only thing that bothered me were the outfits that Julia and Declan wore throughout the movie, as they seemed to be 50’s costumes, not something from today, which is when I am led to believe the movie took place. With a little bit of blood, a missing murder room mystery, a small town that wants to be left alone, a freaky ghostly forest and a house full of murder memories, this movie comes together rather cleanly when all of the pieces of the puzzle are revealed. Stay Scared.

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It does not seem to matter the year, there always seems to be some sort of cover-up taking place in the news that people want to know more about. It could be aliens landing, a Big Foot sighting, or miscellaneous phone calls made to someone, it no longer matters. With the gift of social media, it is easier to get opinions voiced and heard throughout the world and while that is a good thing for the people that want the real information, it can also work against what the people behind the cover-up are trying to protect us from. I am a firm believer that telling the truth is the way to go when any strange events take place, but there are those folks who will take this information and try to build on it and sometimes that is not best for the rest of the people involved.

Five months after her brother passed away in California, Devan and her family are putting him to rest, or trying to since they still have not received his body from the authorities. Being part of a massive murder scene where forty-two people perished, there are still plenty of questions that need to be answered and Devan wants to get to the bottom of what happened. Getting her friends Nate and Brandon to tag along with her, Devan has the address of the old building that claimed so many innocent souls. Going out to Cali on a fact-finding mission, Nate has the wise idea to tape everything and possibly make a documentary that will expose what the government has covered up in the story.

Arriving at the building, the three start to head in when a neighbor threatens to call the cops on them if they continue. Trying to overpower her will, Nate falls short and is forced to give up his quest of getting into the building, at least on this day. Choosing to do interviews instead, Nate and Brandon take to the streets and ask the locals what they heard about the incident. With the stories being pretty close to the same as what was reported on the news about a uranium deposit opening up under the building and the residents dying from exposure, it does not make sense that the rest of the neighborhood is open and going about their everyday lives, so Nate knows that there is much more to the story that nobody is willing to look at.

Meeting Matt, a former resident of the building and his roommate Miki who helps to take care of him, the group gets a better inside look as to what was happening within the ‘contaminated’ building. With their help, the two groups join forces to perform a night investigation inside the house, mainly to provide Devan with some closure. Getting inside and seeing the all-out destruction of the building, Nate questions what could have made the people go crazy enough to do such a thing, yet nothing presented thus far, especially radiation, makes any sense. Finding her brother’s room, Devan dives in and is able to locate his journal, which might help give her clues as to what might have happened to him and the other residents five months ago. But there is something strange about the building as it starts to awaken and sends the group fleeing for their lives. Without all of their questions answered after reading the journal, the group is ready to give it another go, mainly to find out the secrets of what is hidden in the basement that nobody wants to go down to.

I really enjoyed the premise of the movie and in reality it played pretty well. With some good chemistry between all of the characters, and people chanting in their sleep, it was evident that whatever is in the building is not gone, more like it is just starting to warm up. I was kind of hoping to see the bodies of the residents of the building, like the characters were, but that part is left up to the imagination. It was shot a little differently than I expected, as you get the feeling of a found footage film in the opening credits, but you have non-found footage scenes throughout. It is not my favorite thing to bounce between those, but it worked out okay overall. With a creepy building, a truth that should never be told, a budding relationship and a demon you never expected, A Haunting on Gabriel Street is not that bad of a ride if you are looking for something to keep you up at night. Stay Scared.

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Wanting to prove or disprove a haunting is something that every paranormal investigator wants to be able to do, but mostly they want to be the first ones to get a clear picture of a ghost. There is nothing wrong with that, as most people are fascinated by things that they have never seen. But there can be much more to that, since in today’s day and age, if you get some great video and put it on YouTube and get a million views, you can make some money as well. There is nothing wrong in wanting something for the fame, but you have to be willing to pay the toll when it is applied, just some quick food for thought there.

Hearing about an old house that nobody has been able to live in for more than twenty-one days, filmmakers Jacob, Shauna and Kurt are ready to get their name in the record books. Being able to find the town’s local historian, they are able to get all of the insights of what people are saying about the house and where the previous tenants went, but not what scared the people away. With plenty of different opinions around town about the house being haunted or it being a hoax, Jacob has been able to secure the house for twenty-one days from the bank and is ready to document everything that happens inside the creepy walls.

Arriving at the house and taking their first look around, the three see that the last story about the Thompson family was absolutely true. Leaving all of their belongings in the house, actually leaving mid meal, the three also take notice that all of the mirrors are covered up. As there is one story that the walls hold a demon inside and the mirrors allow it to gain power, the group does not believe this to be fact and take down all of the coverings to see what happens. Before getting locked into the house for the next three weeks, the group takes a little stroll into the woods behind the house to try and pinpoint an ancient Indian burial ground that is also part of the legend. Finding it easily by the dreamcatchers marking their territory, the group is surprised, but not too shocked as Jacob believes that they are being targeted by the locals to drive them away from the house.

Nothing will keep Jacob from getting his fame and locking himself and crew into the house, they are ready for anything, at least that is what they think. As the first couple nights go by and the group is not noticing anything, Shauna hears a strange knocking sound in the middle of the night and tries to find out where it is coming from. As the EMF detectors go off, she knows that there is something in the house, but is not sure what the readings really mean. The nights continue with strange occurrences, but nothing too rattling until Shauna’s timeline board gets some new art work added to it. Seeing a strange symbol inked with blood over pictures from her cell phone, she is ready to leave, but Jacob will not allow it. Knowing that there has to be a reason for this, mainly that Kurt is playing a trick on them, Shauna is about to lose her mind. But that is just the beginning of what will be the end of the team as tensions grow high and even though they know they need to leave, Jacob will not back down on getting a television contract and the group will need to stay with him in the house for the full twenty-one days, or all is lost.

I liked how the story started and getting a ton of back ground on the house and what happened to the families living there for less than three weeks. As the children were targeted by whatever was in the house, I guess the parents just had to put up with the torments as well. As far as ghost hunters go, I was rather disappointed in how their equipment was used throughout, but that was not really the story that was being told. I was really blown away by the lack of using the mirrors throughout, as it was a main element in the stories that the townsfolk told, along with the Native American experts that the group contacted. Outside of those two things, I liked the movie, it had some moments that made it apparent that there is something in the house that is looking to be left alone, but nobody bothers to notice. Stay Scared.

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Despite being a hardcore fan of Fear the Walking Dead over the past three and half seasons, there is still one chief complaint that I harbor in the back of my mind, in that…to this day I still feel as though the first season of this zombified spinoff truly missed a few key opportunities storytelling wise. Sure, it gave us our first big budget look at the zombie apocalypse but at the same time, it rushed to get to the finish line and missed out on the chance to truly show us the collapse of the modern world, where the worst parts of mankind came to the surface to help bring us to our knees at the slimy hands of walking corpses.
I make mention of that, because when I settled in to watch last night’s midseason premiere, that was suddenly on my mind as something incredible unfolded before my eyes. It was clear early on in season three that the series is trying its best to right its wrongs and provide us with a far more intense viewing experience as a whole, but I never expected the series to try and also course correct when it came to that titular first season mistake; but it most certainly did and holy cow was it impressive. Because ‘Minotaur’ and ‘The Diviner’ dug deep on some incredible issues and finally gave us that insightful look as to how and what could cause mankind to divide and lose the fight for survival by way of several thematic concepts.
Now the first one that popped up on the series last night, was our inability to let go of the past and much of that came by way of the aftermath of Jeremiah Otto’s death. If you recall, shortly after Madison made a deal with Walker to deliver Otto’s head, the Black Hat tribe moved into Broke Jaw Ranch and we were all left wondering as to whether or not there would be peace at last and it didn’t take long for the series to answer that question in angry fashion. There would seemingly be no peace, simply because neither could side could let go of the garbage they carried in their hearts when it came to yesterday. 
Everyone was skeptical of everyone and firmly believed that trouble was brewing and sadly, because of that…trouble came to Broke Jaw in swift and disturbing fashion. Without his father to keep him in check, Troy ran amuck, influencing one of his neighbors to attack Walker’s people with impunity and rather than see a path forward, Troy held steadfast to his father’s dream of war with Black Hat and sucked Nick into an impromptu and bloody battle at the cabin wherein Nick was forced to embrace the past and confess to Troy that Jeremiah Otto died at Nick’s hand instead of his own and that revelation, that his father was not a hero in the slightest, finally allowed for Troy to stand down and eventually be exiled. 

​While one would have expected that to be enough however when it comes to the series atoning for its mistakes, Fear wasn’t quite done yet. In addition to that fascinating storyline, it also brought about the need for honesty in the midst of the crisis since we learned that Broke Jaw is running out of water, a chilling fact that sent Madison and Walker into the wild to find more while everyone back home was forced to ration and by not knowing the truth…people once more turned the issue into a vendetta of sorts as lines were drawn over resources, as if such matters were no big deal and that of course led to more tension in this place and if it wasn’t for Alicia’s admission of the truth…then perhaps we would not have received the powerful ending that dropped into our lap.
Because her ‘confession’ led to a hopeful ending, and perhaps the most powerful commentary of the night by bringing up the age old and wholesome notion…that nothing will ever truly be accomplished unless we as a people, work together as one. With the water supply dwindling, it seemed that all-out war was coming to the ranch, revitalizing the ‘holding onto the past’ theme as well since Nick was embracing violence and his darker side once again by taking charge of the small insurrection building within the confines of Broke Jaw. But seeing his sister working with the people of Black Hat to find water so that everyone could survive was enough to allow for him to put down his weapons…and do the right thing and inspire others to join in as well and that’s the first time in a long time, that we’ve seen this series end on a hopeful note.
Granted, it doesn’t repair the deep divide that these two camps have dug between one another, but it’s definitely a start and oddly enough, the series still wasn’t quite done giving us more fascinating moments about what the world could look like after the complete collapse of society. Because the whole storyline of Walker and Madison arriving at the trader’s arena, wherein people tried their hardest to keep the old life going by bartering away items that no longer have meaning was fascinating to watch and I love the fact that Strand was there and his return to Madison’s world now ties together Daniel and the Dam he now works to protect since Madison plans to head there to solve the Ranch’s water problem.
When all is said and done however, I really enjoyed this midseason premiere. It was filled to the brim with tense moments and powerful commentary and I am truly appreciative of the fact that this story really took the time to examine the divide between these two communities and teach them, if only for a moment, that there is something bigger than their silly hang-ups and past issues and I’m hopeful that this is the start of some actual peace and progress over at Broke Jaw Ranch. Provided of course, Troy doesn’t come back to start any trouble. Either way, this is another fine entry in the saga’s finest season to date and I can’t wait to see where the story is headed next. Until next time. 

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Maintaining good friendships is very important, because at the end of the day, what else do we have? No matter the situation, you can depend on your friends to help you out, keep a positive attitude and inspire you to get through it. Even though there will be fights along the way, either over stupid things or serious things, when all is said and done, they will never hold a grudge against you. Keeping your friends around is always a good idea, since they will be there no matter what you say or do.

Coming home to shoot his second documentary on his childhood friend Luke, Cordero is ready for action. As Luke has taken over all of the duties at his parents’ farm after they passed away a couple years ago, Cordero wants to make him a star. As the filming starts in Luke’s house, both of the young men see that not much has changed, but little do they know what the night will have in store for them.

Hearing a knock at the door, both men head over to take a look, but are not able to find anyone around the farm. Thinking that this is strange, along with a door being left open and a light being shut off, they chalk it up to some kids playing a prank. But as the second night comes along, the same thing happens, but this time the refrigerator door is opened leaving Cordero to believe that there may be something supernatural going on. The third night rolls around and a knock is heard once again, but now with some music playing around the barn, the two are starting to take things seriously.

Reviewing the footage at his mother’s house, Cordero is able to place these instances at the same time every night and wants to test out a theory of his own. With the possibility of a haunting in his mind, Cordero gives his theory to Luke who will have none of it. Needing to find a way to waste time until 11:55pm rolls around again, the two take a drive and plan on deer spotting, but find a group of three people walking around on Luke’s land. Only seeing them for a split second, the two do not know what to expect and while trying to get help and getting laughed at, they find out that they will be on their own. As strange events continue to happen around the house at night, the events start to become more real as they are causing the men issues. With no one to help them, the friends team up to find out who is behind these events, but will not like what they find.

Even though this is not one of my favorite movies, it did show plenty of potential which I liked. While the storyline was lacking, along with the fact that it seemed like Cordero could never finish a sentence, I liked the haunting idea being tied in with someone looking to drive the old friends mad. With their friendship being challenged by whoever is stalking them, the two have to find a way to keep from hurting each other, which becomes very troubling to them both. With some haunting effects, some bad country music, a group tormenting the leads and very small animal masks, this movie has its flaws, but also keeps you wondering what the strangers really want from their victims. Stay Scared.