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'Go back to Hell, bitch.'
- Mia

​Scott's Review
When trying to escape your vices that life has put around you, is there a better way to do it without having your friends around? I have watched a couple of those intervention shows and it is always the family and friends that are trying to help their loved one overcome their evils. I am sure that this helps out, especially when the individual sees how they are pulling their family and friends apart. I wonder if this would work with evil possessions? I don’t know if the demons will think the same way about this practice, they would probably just want to eat everyone’s souls that were involved.

David and Natalie arrive late to his family’s cabin and are greeted by Olivia and Eric. With a plan in place to take care of David’s sister Mia, the group has decided a getaway to the woods will be the best way to help Mia follow through on a big promise, this time at least. Mia has had problems with drugs for many years and with the help from her friends, she should be able to finally kick the habit, but only time will tell. Upon entering the cabin, the group sees that the door has been broken open and even though they cannot find anyone squatting there, there is a strange smell coming from the basement.

Cleaning up the cabin, the group finds dead cats in the cellar and will move them out, but Mia is not comfortable in the cabin at all and wants to leave. Not being able to convince her brother David to take her away, she takes the car and tries to drive back into town. But it has been raining non-stop for several hours and the creek has flooded and will not allow anyone to cross until it is ready. Trying to get back to the cabin, Mia is confronted by a young woman in the woods that gives her a taste of what real evil is. Rushing back to the cabin while the trees are coming alive around her, she has to prove that there is something alive and evil in the woods that means them harm.

Dead cats are not the only thing the group finds in the basement as one of the support beams has been burned to a crisp. On a table in the back of the cellar the group finds a shotgun and a book that is wrapped in wire. Taking their new finds upstairs, Eric opens the book and starts investigating the scribblings inside of it. Finding incantations in the book, Eric colors over the top of them with a pencil and paper and recites the words. Not knowing what these words are, he awakens something evil in the woods that wants to take over the bodies of the living and feast on their souls. Watching as Mia becomes worse, the group thinks that she is just suffering withdrawal, but they quickly find out that she is being possessed by something not of this earth.

Locking her in the cellar, one by one the rest of the group suffers the same fate. When Olivia tries to kill Eric in the bathroom, Eric is strong enough to keep her at bay and destroy her brain, but that is not enough when Natalie becomes the next victim. Eric deciphers what needs to be done to release the demons from the bodies of the living; fire, decapitation and being buried alive. Although David does not truly understand what is happening around him, he will do anything to save his friends and his sister, but when the sun is down, the demons are more powerful than ever and he needs to find a way to get any sort of help before all is lost.

I am not a huge fan of remakes, especially when the original movie was just fine, but this reincarnation of Evil Dead has changed my mind. I was blown away by the imagery that was brought to the screen and I even liked the characters, even though there was no Ash involved. The strength that everyone had to show to survive was outstanding, along with Mia's kicking of her drug habit. With all of the blood that bubbled up during this movie, you finally get to see what Duct Tape is really good for, especially when traveling in the woods. I really liked how the story came around full circle and if more remakes used this same formula, I would be more apt to watch them. A great movie and I hope that they are able to make a second one and I'm not gonna lie I would love to see Mia pop up on Ash vs Evil Dead for a crossover story. Stay Scared!

​John's Review
Normally, the instant a remake of one of my favorite films is announced, I cringe inside and ponder the greatest question one can ponder when it comes to a remake...will it stink? But that was not the case with today's review, because of two names; Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi. 

They were involved every step of the way when it came to revitalizing this franchise and these two men care dearly for the saga they brought to life, and the chances of them letting their fans down were slim to none, and my trust in both of them was well rewarded with an incredible horror film that stands up to the classic. In fact, let's get it out of the way now, expect the unexpected with this film, because to put it bluntly, this ain't your daddy's Evil Dead.  

Now when it comes to this remake, the basic core of the plot holds true. We have college kids in a remote cabin, we have the Necronomicon, complete with new name and design, and of course the ever evil Deadites, but that is where the comparisons to the original disappear. Because, Director Fede Alvarez has put his unique stamp on the Evil Dead saga with his incredible take on this classic storyline. But there is one question I think we all want answered when it comes to this movie, is it scary? 

The answer is a resounding hell yes. There is a painful tension that builds in this film as it lulls you into a sense of security before unleashing utter terror and the scares just keep coming. If the proper word to describe Sam Raimi's original was simplicity, the appropriate word to describe this version is disturbing. I say that because I can guarantee you will squirm in your seat and cringe from the horrible things that happen before your eyes. Don't believe me? Well we all know how much I watch horror movies and how they rarely get under my skin, but shortly after this story kicked off, I found myself constantly squirming about in my seat. 

If anything, this movie is a proud addition to the saga, and it pleases me to no end that the wonderful quality and subsequent success of this film, brought Ash and his adventures back to life by way of Ash vs Evil Dead, and while Mia's saga may only be relegated to this single adventure (come on crossover, and seriously, can we please get a sequel to this?), it's still one worth highlighting and watching before El Jefe and the Ghostbeaters return to the small screen come tomorrow. 

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'Hail to the king, baby.'
- Ash

Scott's Review
It has been said that the pen is mightier than the sword, but is that really the case? It is hard to imagine that a writing instrument can carry as much power as a large piece of steel, but in the right hands it just might. The written word in many cases can hold power over many, while the sword with all of its might is only large enough to only hold power over a few. As time has passed, there are many texts that hold great power, even over the warriors of the day and it just might go to prove that writing may be more powerful than battle, but writing never killed anybody, at least intentionally. 

Ash has been transported back to 1300 A.D. and is now being held as a slave with Henry the Red's men. Needing to prove his innocence to Lord Arthur before being thrown into the pit, Ash tries everything in his power to make it known that he is not part of the band of criminals, but it does not matter, the pit, and the Deadite horrors within it, are for everyone. While trying to fight his way out of the pit, the Wiseman throws Ash his chainsaw and the killer of the Deadites is able to go to work. Escaping the pit with his life, Ash makes his way back above ground and challenges anyone that dares stand in his way with his Boomstick. With no takers, Ash frees Henry the Red and his men and is treated like a hero in Lord Arthur's court.

Being commissioned to find the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis by Arthur and his court, Ash will only do it if they promise to send him back home. With Ash not wanting to stay for the upcoming battle against evil, townswoman Sheila comes to try to convince him to stick around. After a night of sugar, Ash is on his way to the sacred ground where the book lives, but Ash has a familiar foe follow him and he is chased into an abandoned windmill. Gathering his wits, he is faced with a battle against himself, well, several mini selves. Being larger is not a factor when trying to get rid of the mini Ash's and before he knows it, one has found its way inside of his body. Trying his hardest to kill the little one inside of his body, he fails and starts to spout another Ash. Bad Ash is now unleashed on the world, but Ash does not want the competition and puts his evil twin into the ground.

Being able to locate the resting place of the book, Ash needs to remember the words that the Wiseman told him to recite before taking it. Klaatu, Barada, Nikto. Not being able to remember the final word, Ash mumbles it and takes the book, but sees that he has awakened the ancient evil once again. Fighting his way back to Arthur's castle, Ash is ready to be sent home for his deed, but the villagers need the help of someone to fight off the Deadites that will be making their way to the castle sooner than later. With Bad Ash being resurrected by the book, he assumes command of the Deadite army and is ready to unleash hell on the living to get his book back. But sheer will, and might may not be enough to carry Bad Ash and his army to victory, since the real Ash has some secrets hidden in the trunk of his car. Bringing the 20th century into the fight might shatter some bones of the Deadite army, but is it even possible to defeat an army of the undead and keep the Necronomicon out of the hands of evil?

With this being the final installment of the Evil Dead trilogy, I must say that it went out with a ton of boom. Do not go safely into the night, go out on top and if you are not going to do that, then you need to go down swinging for the fences. This is just a horror movie watchers dream come true and if you had any questions about Ash from the first two movies, you should not anymore. He is a coward when it comes to life, but when he is facing the Deadites, he is the man that you need on his side. Every time he is on the screen, you do not know which Ash you are going to see and that is what makes it a downright good time. This is the Ash I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing on Ash vs Evil Dead, and considering the changes that happened in season two, I wonder which Ash will be getting come tomorrow. I guess we will find out…gimme some sugar baby. Stay Scared.

​John's Review
Perhaps the best part about my usual Friday evening trips to the video store, was the sheer fact that my love for horror was eventually shared by members of my family. My little brother and I poured over scary movies on a regular basis as he got older with delightful glee and when my little sister was old enough she too got into the horror movie game. However, once in a great while, the entire family would settle in on Saturday night for movie night and here and there, a horror movie would entertain all of us.

Now for those expressing concern about the fact that the younger ones in my family might have been exposed to things they never should have seen, fear not. Like I said, we really didn't enjoy these flicks until we were old enough and before then, we were instructed when to hide our eyes from gore and unsavory moments. But the point of this little vignette from my past is that one of my favorite horror movie moments came about when my dad picked up a movie that everyone was able to enjoy through and through…Army of Darkness.

Yes, that's right. The grand finale of the Evil Dead trilogy became a family affair and really, if you're reading this, you've seen the film, you already know the plot and if by chance you haven't…well get on that. But the reason I mention that, is because we won't be discussing the plot today, instead we will spend more time talking about just how excellent this little horror/comedy really is. Taking elements from its predecessor, Sam Raimi brings us the sharpest production of the Evil Dead saga to date with slick jokes, some of the most breathtaking special effects the saga has ever seen and all of it is capped off by Sam's stunning visual style since some of the shots here are top notch.   

Yet those elements only enhance the true draw of this movie, Bruce Campbell as Ash. He finds his groove with the character here, and shows off his versatility by playing not one, but two versions of Ash. But of course, his act first and think later mentality remains and only enhances the plot because let's be perfectly honest, everything in this film is Ash's fault, but thankfully, he sets it right…mostly. But what's most important is that this is as close as Ash is ever going to get to becoming a true hero and the bravado that comes with that, provides us with the finest one liners in the series. 

Make no mistake about it, this really is the best film in the trilogy. It really has something for everyone and I truly appreciate the fact that it's a perfect blend of both horror and comedy, and for anyone who doubts that those two genres can ever work together properly; well, bear in mind that on that particular Saturday night, shortly after my dad popped this sucker into the VCR, that everyone in my family had a roaring good time with this movie. My mom jumped when necessary and everyone loved what Bruce brought to the table because hey, he's the king, and hail to the king, baby.  

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When it comes to horror, and on a personal level, there are two sub genres/monsters if you will that simply have trouble resonating with me on a deeper level; vampires...and ghosts. It's not because I find those monsters silly, they are terrifying by design, but often times I find that their stories tend to be simple in nature when it comes with how to deal with them. After all, vampires have rules and ghosts, simply need peace.

For me having that simple sense of resolution provides a certain safety net to the story, thus removing that feeling of sheer terror that makes horror great. I like my horror unbridled, unfettered, where the creature in question is malicious and unyielding and once in a great while, a film comes along that has a vampire, or a ghost that is outright terrifying...and there is not an ounce of safety to be found, as was the case with the big screen adaptation of Stephen King's short story,  1408.

This is a story that introduces us to Mike Enslin, a writer that is extremely talented and a best seller to boot, but he has more or less taken the easy road when it comes to his career. Rather than focus on the intellectual fare he was originally published for, he instead works on books that highlight various haunted places across America, trying to see by chance if he will indeed be frightened by something supernatural. To date, no such thing has occurred, but he has used his talent to ignite imagination and leave people wondering if ghosts truly exist or not. But one day he receives quite the surprise in his mail, when someone instructs him to look into room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel in New York City and what he finds is downright fascinating. Stories of murder and suicide permeate the room, meaning he has found one incredible story, but staying in the room won't be easy. The hotel's manager restricts anyone from staying in that room for their own safety and while Mike believes this is all part of the show, he is about to discover that there is indeed something sinister waiting for him in 1408...

At its core, this is a story of self discovery for Mike Enslin since he is truly a disillusioned man who believes only in the almighty dollar and what he can see in front of him. Much of that is in part to the losses he has suffered over the years jading him to this point, and the mystery of 1408 captivates him on a level he never knew possible and the events that happen within that room, allow for Mike to grow and go on a complete journey...in the scariest of fashion and that's what makes this movie so downright fascinating. 1408 actually manages to make Mike a better man when all is said and done, he just has to face living nightmares at every turn in order to get there, and that's where the story gets ugly, because 1408 as Mister Olin (played brilliantly by Samuel L. Jackson) puts it, is an evil f*cking room. 

Whatever haunts this room, wants blood, and as much of it as it can get and it does everything it can to enjoy a fresh meal. More or less, one's worst nightmares come into into play in this place, along with the worst parts of one's past and it makes the room quite the dynamic character to say the least and chilling as well since it is a force of nature, one without emotion or remorse and since we are in the room with Mike as the horror unfolds...we are also privy to this awful experience and the emotional rollercoaster this film takes us on, is an incredible one to say the least. This is one of those rare treats, a film that turns out to be a top notch adaptation of Stephen King's work, and while it's one that quite frankly you should probably watch with the lights on, it's a film that you need to watch none the less.

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- Ash

​Scott's Review
Spontaneous getaways are something that some people seem to have a good time doing. Not really having a destination in mind or knowing where they will be staying seems to make it more of an adventure for them. For me, no, I need to know where I will be going since I like to know more about the place before I get there. Hey, you never know what history the area has to it, or if they are infamous for shooting out of towners. I have no problems with spontaneous acts and I applaud people that are able to live their lives that way. I will just be ready for what is coming my way rather than being surprised by what I may find.

Ash and Linda are on their way to a secluded cabin in the woods. Although Ash does not have permission to use the house, he is going above and beyond to make sure that the weekend will be great for his lady. When grabbing a bottle of champagne, Ash notices a tape recorder on the table and plays the tape. Before he knows what is happening, Linda has gone missing from her room. Trying to find her in the woods, Ash sees that she is possessed and tries to retreat. But the possessed Linda is faster than him and the only way to escape her wrath is by cutting her head off with a shovel. Burying his love, Ash receives another punch in the face as the evil in the woods is able to infest his body.

Becoming possessed as well, Ash has to look to his memories, along with the sun to keep the demons out of his body. Getting back to the cabin, Ash sees that everything around him is trying to torment him in one way or another. After receiving Linda's head in his lap, Ash is forced to perform one incredibly gruesome act and chops up her body with a chainsaw. Knowing that he will be okay with this being done, his hand becomes infected with evil and tries to kill him. Cutting it off at the wrist, Ash is now a one-handed fighter of the dead and will do anything within his power not to succumb to the evil. When Annie Knowby and her team arrive at her parent's cabin, she expects the worst when seeing the bloody chainsaw sitting on the floor and demands to know what Ash did to her parents. 

After being able to convince this new band of strangers that he is not a killer, the group finds out what really happened in the cabin before their arrival. When Annie's father was deciphering the Book of the Dead, he invited the spirits into his wife's body and after surviving her attempts to kill him, he buried her in the cellar. With a huge belief over the book's power, Annie has brought more pages that could help in releasing the dead's souls and bring the evil in the woods to its knees. As the day fades into night, no one is off limits to the demons and all of the tricks they are able to play will not keep Ash from making a stand against their evil.

There are very few times I will say this, but I think this sequel is better than the first. Although you are seeing the same story, you get to dive a little bit deeper into Ash's psyche and find out what he is really made of.  This movie is all about the Ash if you have not seen it before and knowing how to battle the evil is the only thing he is really good at. If chopping off his own hand is not enough, he takes aim at the cabin that is willing to fight back with everything inside of its walls. Even the trees come to life in this second installment and will stop at nothing to defeat the living in the cabin. It is a hard movie not to love with all of the spatter, the jumpy scares and the massive blood flows. With season three of Ash vs Evil Dead on the horizon, this might be the best movie to catch up on to see how inventive Ash can really be when put on the spot. In fact, I bet you could say he is very…groovy. Stay Scared.

​John's Review
My encounter with The Evil Dead haunted me in all the right ways, simply because I wanted more. I knew at my local video store there was a sequel sitting next to the original and sadly, with school on the agenda I had to wait a week to watch it, leading to all kinds of questions swirling around in my mind. How did Ash get out of this mess? Where on earth could the story go from here?  

So, needless to say when Friday rolled around, and the weekly family trip to the video store got underway, I wasted no time in making a beeline toward the horror section so that I could finally get my hands on the iconic and surprising second entry in Ashley J. Williams' wild adventures; Evil Dead II.

Now I say surprising not because the film was bad, but because I was completely unprepared for the fact that this was a hybrid on so many levels. It was part reboot, part remake, part sequel, part horror, part comedy. Truly, this film was a cornucopia of elements and every last one of them worked. While the plot may seem similar to the original, it really is not. The only remaining elements from the first film are the cabin, Ash and Linda and the finding of the Necronomicon. Everything past that point is pure horror/comedy gravy.  

Once more Sam Raimi dazzles as director, and Bruce Campbell truly shines as Ash. In fact, let's take a moment to talk about the fact that Bruce is an incredible stuntman. For those of you who haven't seen this one yet, you'll be amazed at how much physical abuse he takes in this movie, yet Campbell does it in style. We all know this was likely take after take after take to get the right stunt on camera and Bruce is clearly a warrior. As an added bonus, his portrayal of Ash evolves in this story as well, since this time around Ash is no longer a mousey college boy unsure of what to do, this Ash kicks plenty of ass.   

The fact of the matter is, this movie is a blast. There are scares, there are laughs and incredible one liners that only cement this film's status as a cult classic. There really is something for everyone here and Sam Raimi gets major kudos for not giving us a true 'direct' sequel because the end result is original and absolutely incredible.  

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With people’s attention span dwindling over the years, if you are going to make a film or movie, you have to be able to keep the audience’s attention for over ninety minutes. That has proven to be difficult for many film makers, but it is the worst for documentary film makers. Wanting to make a documentary about something as boring as SPAM (my favorite canned meat) or how an amoeba is able to reproduce that people will watch, well, you have to spice it up a notch. It is interesting to see how far people will go to get the viewership that they believe their films deserve and while some film makers do it the right way, there are others that are willing to take the next step to make sure they become a household name.

After news of an American documentary team not making it back from their latest film hits the wire, Professor Harold Monroe agrees to make the trek down to the ‘Green Inferno’ to try and find them.  Arriving in the rain forest of the Amazon, Monroe is greeted by his guide who will be able to take him deeper in than anyone has ever made it before. Chaco has good news for the professor as the local military has been able to help them with safe passage through the treacherous forest with a prisoner of the Yacumo tribe. Being able to get access to the village, Monroe takes note that they are not too happy about having the white men there as something has happened to destroy their trust. But that is not all he finds as he spots relics from the film crew that are being held onto by the tribe.

Moving further into the forest and trying to find the Yanomamo (Tree People) tribe, Monroe and Chaco are shocked to see that they are welcomed a little, but once again with suspicion about what they are doing there. Monroe believes that if he can get the tribe to accept him as only an observer, he may be able to find out a little bit more about what happened to the film crew. After taking a bath with some locals, Monroe is shocked to see that he has found the answer that he was looking for. Seeing the mangled bodies of the film makers off the banks of the river, Monroe sees that the Yanomamo is keeping the film canisters from the Americans that invaded their land. Gaining the trust of the tribe by partaking in a human dinner, Monroe is able to bring the film back to the states for development.

As the network is ready to capitalize on the hard work that Monroe has put into finding out what happened to the Americans in the Amazon, Monroe is shocked when he sits down to see what the film crew was actually up to in the forest. Watching what director Alan, script writer Faye and cameramen Jack and Mark do to the Yacumo village, he has no idea what the group has in store for their grand finale. As the film continues to play and watching as Alan and his team lay claim to the jungle with their dominance, seeing a local being shot and burned alive is too much for the professor to accept. Wanting to distance himself from the overall project, Monroe is forced to show the executives of the network what was really going on behind the scenes and even they did not expect to see how low the documentary crew would go in order to get a once in a lifetime story.

It has been many years since I have seen this movie and when I first saw it, it was on cable so I did not get the full effect. Seeing it again, well, wow, I am even more blown away by what was playing on the screen. The film crew of Alan, Faye, Jack and Mark were asking for something bad to be coming their way throughout their trip to the Amazon and thinking that they were gonna win an Oscar for what they were doing, I am glad they got what was coming to them. Even though Monroe was not able to find the crew alive, he was able to find out what happened to them and is left to question several times who the true savages were. This is one of those movies that makes you wonder if things like this are actually happening when advanced civilization visits those who have not moved on with the world and I can say I hope not, because when they acquire fire arms, nobody around them will be safe. With indigenous tribes, a low use of technology, an evil film crew, guns, dead bodies, an unaired documentary, questions about morals and of course people being eaten, this movie does a great job in delivering the frights of what could happen in the jungle with all of the small things that could go down, as well as showing us the horror that comes with being the snack for a cannibalistic tribe that you piss off. Stay Scared.

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'We're going to get you. We're going to get you. Not another peep. Time to go to sleep.'
​- Evil Linda

Scott's Review
No harm could ever come from reading a book…right?  You may think that but hidden within the pages of all books is a brilliance that can help transform your life if you let it. This might be hard to believe, but books carry more power than people are willing to give them credit for and although reading seems to be a lost art while movies are blowing them away, there are still those who find it more comforting to read and let their imaginations run wild than to see what someone else’s take of it is on the big screen.

On spring break, Ash, Linda, Scott, Shelly and Cheryl are on their way to a cabin in the woods. Thinking this will be the perfect getaway, the group is ready to let down their guard and just have a good time. But there is something strange about the cabin as Cheryl quickly finds out when she is taken over by a force and draws something that she has never seen before. While eating dinner, the cellar door flies open, inviting the group down and while nobody really wants to know what opened the door, Scott will rise to the challenge.

Finding a room hidden in the back of the cellar, Scott and Ash find some strange things. Bringing up a tape recorder and an old book, the group is in for a story that will change their lives forever. Playing the tape, the group finds out that the book’s name is the Naturum De Montum, also known as the Book of the Dead. The tape explains that the book was written to conjure up demons from their sleep and allows them to infest the living. While nobody believes this is real, they continue to play the tape, but when the words are spoken from the book, they awaken something deep in the woods.

When the fun is over, everyone heads off to bed, but Cheryl is hearing voices outside of the window. Heading out to investigate, she is attacked by the trees and barely makes it back to the cabin before something worse happens to her. Not wanting to spend an extra minute in the cabin, she convinces Ash to take her back to town, but the bridge is out and there is no way of escaping until morning. While trying to gather her thoughts by the window, something demonic takes over her body and she promises to take everyone in the cabin one by one. Not truly understanding what is happening to their friend, the rest of the group tries to calm her down, but the demon's strength is too much for them to handle and they lock her in the cellar.  

Thinking that everything is okay, the evil starts taking over the rest of the group…one by one. When Shelly becomes the next possessed, Scott is forced to take her out the way the tape said to do, by cutting off her limbs. When all is said and done, Scott has to get out of the cabin but comes back telling the same tale that Cheryl gave everyone before the evil claimed her. The trees know. When Linda wakes up from her nap, she is next on evil’s list to be possessed, yet, she does not show the aggression of the others, but she is holding back. Her transformation leaves Ash with the decision of a life time, since he knows the only way to keep her at bay is to take her limbs as well and with the love that the two have for each other, he may not be able to follow through. As sunrise gets closer and with nobody to help him, Ash has to find a way to survive while the demons run rampant inside and outside of the cabin.

This is just a wonderful little horror flick that features everything that you could ever dream of. You get to watch Ash grow as a character right in front of your eyes. In the beginning, he is afraid of everything, but you can see what the situation has done to him and during his quest for survival, he is forced to do things that he normally would never do. I love the possessed, they are great, and all have their own way to deliver the scares, and sometimes all you need is a big smile to frighten someone. Stay Scared.

John's Review
I remember the first time I came across The Evil Dead. I was a teenager and believe or it not folks, video stores still existed. This one was just up the road from where I grew up and, on this day, like every time I visited the store, I was parked in the horror section. I made it a habit to rent something new every week and for some reason, I had missed this title, until this particular day.

I lifted up the box and read the description and while it seemed like a generic synopsis, I gave it a shot, took it home and never looked back. Only because Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead left me in awe. Set in the middle of nowhere in a remote cabin, five college kids have decided to get away for the weekend. But their discovery of a hideous book bound in flesh and inked in blood leads to an evening of unbridled terror when their curiosity of the book unleashes an unrelenting evil.  

If there is one word to describe this film, it is simplicity. Shot on a shoe string budget The Evil Dead is clearly a labor of love from Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell who used their lack of funds to fuel their imagination in so many different ways, starting with how the movie was filmed. Raimi uses the camera itself as a special effect, disorienting you at times, and making you completely uncomfortable before something horrible happens with the monsters on screen.  

Yet that is only the beginning. The story itself is equally as simple. There's no powerhouse back story for the evil that roams, or the characters for that matter and that too lends to the movie's magic. By not knowing these people or fully understanding their situation, we are merely observers for the wholesale torture that they go through and that somehow makes it worse. We don't know if these are good human beings or bad ones, just that they are being torn apart and that unique twist is what makes the film so incredibly scary.  

The Evil Dead has been called 'The ultimate experience in grueling terror' and that label is pretty damn accurate. Because for the majority of its 85-minute running time we are as trapped as those poor people in the cabin, and our consolation prize for stepping out into the sunlight is wondering what that noise was outside once the sun has gone down.  

<![CDATA[Nerds That Geek Movie Review: 'Cannibal Ferox']]>Thu, 22 Feb 2018 00:54:24 GMThttp://nerdsthatgeek.com/horror/nerds-that-geek-movie-review-cannibal-feroxWritten by Scott Edwards Picture
When looking for the truth, you must remember that you might find something that you did not expect.  It is important to keep an open mind when it comes to these things and listen to both sides of the story, because if you don’t, you might miss one of the biggest clues. Going to visit different people from different cultures can help to put your mind in the right place for doing the research and it is something that you must do to get the complete story. But when do not like the results of what you have found, will you allow yourself to tell the truth, or will you go back to what you previously believed?

Wanting to put the rumors of cannibals in the rainforest to shame, Gloria, Rudy and Pat make their way to the Amazon. With recent reports of a tribe eating people, Gloria has a thesis that says otherwise and wants to prove it true. But being completely off of the grid, there are no roads to where the tribe is supposed to reside causing their jeep to become useless. Following the river further north, the group comes across one of the tribe members eating grubs and while they are not acknowledged by the feasting native, they are being watched by the younger tribesmen to see what they are going to do next.
Hearing a scream in the distance, the three arrive to see two tribesmen have been killed and are greeted by two men who are out of place. Mike and Joe have escaped the tribe and their cannibalistic ways, at least that is the story they are telling. With Joe not being able to walk on his own, Mike pleads with the group to help them out and tells them all the horrifying details when they get safely away from the village. Believing that the men have been through something traumatic, Rudy and Gloria agree that they should find their way back to safety and the groups split up to try and find the way out of the forest.

As Rudy and Joe head off in their own direction, they come across the village and Rudy sees that one of the accounts of what Mike had told them is true. With a half-eaten man being tied to a stake, the group comes back together and tries to come up with their next move. As Gloria is beside herself seeing that there is a man who has been eaten by other men in front of her, she is shocked to see that Mike is not who he says he is. Succumbing to blood poisoning, Joe admits that Mike’s story about what happened in the village is not true and gives his dying confession. Not knowing what they should do next, the group is shocked when the tribe’s hunters return from their fishing trip, and they plan on keeping everybody in one place as they prepare for a terrifying feast…

What started off as a light-hearted story really turned dark in this cannibal movie, which it should have. I was starting to think that this was going to be a movie that showed how great Cocaine was, that is until it showed the rage that it caused. While we quickly find out that Matt and Joe are running from a scam that they pulled in New York, we don’t know what they did to the tribe until later. The innocence of Gloria, Rudy and Pat was noted several times during their detention, but as the tribe sees it, all of the Americans are in it together and forced to face their punishment. This film features an anaconda, well wishes for their travels, a man with no morals, cocaine, a fight for survival, no retribution and evil being punished in the worst way. While it did take a while for the story to get going, the payoff was worth it to see what really causes this tribe to fulfill the rumors of eating people. Stay Scared.

<![CDATA[Nerds That Geek Movie Review: 'Bubba Ho-Tep']]>Wed, 21 Feb 2018 16:38:13 GMThttp://nerdsthatgeek.com/horror/nerds-that-geek-movie-review-bubba-ho-tepWritten by John Edward Betancourt Picture
Of the many reasons that I love cinema as a whole, one that stands out in my mind often is the sheer fact that film can in essence do whatever it wants in order to tell an entertaining story, and over the years that has paid off in spades for audiences everywhere. We’ve quite literally seen the impossible on the silver screen and recently, I thought it was high time to revisit a motion picture that threw caution to the wind and pulled out all of the stops in order to provide us with an amazing story in Bubba Ho-Tep.
Now in this film we are transported to a remote nursing home in the middle of nowhere Texas, and while this place is unremarkable, outside of the wonderful senior citizens that live here with stories to tell, one particular resident here is a touch more special than anyone else. Because in this place, one will find the King himself, Elvis Presley, and while some believe he is actually a man known as Sebastian Haff who is posing as the King, Elvis knows the truth and he also knows, that something sinister is happening in his rest home. Because residents are dying unexpectedly, and Elvis wants to know why, allowing for him to combine his inquisitive efforts with another resident named Jack, (who claims to be President John F. Kennedy) and together, they will uncover the truth about a mummy that has come to this rest home, to feed on fresh souls…
So, if that sounds like one wild plot line, that’s because it is, and what’s amazing about this particular tale is that all of those elements work well together through and through. Because there’s a rhyme and a reason for everything that happens in this motion picture and well, that kind of care when it comes to the screenplay allows for this outlandish story to suck in you in since you absolutely have to know what happens next and as an added bonus, the horror elements are equally as fascinating since the scares and creepy moments in this film are impactful as well and the film does such a fine job of establishing how evil the mummy is in this tale that you root for Jack and Elvis to defeat him the whole way through. 

​However, while all of that is magical and wonderful, we really need to take the time to highlight the performances in this motion picture because the acting in this film is next level. Case in point, the fact that Ossie Davis, a genuine screen legend, is in this film and he brings a manic charm to his interpretation of a John F. Kennedy that was surgically altered to become an African American in order to bury the truth about his assassination attempt, and what I love the most about his performance in this film, is the sheer fact that Ossie exudes a presidential air about him as often as possible, selling the possibility that he may in fact be Jack after all.
But while Ossie is amazing in his role, he is grossly overshadowed by Bruce Campbell’s performance as Sebastian Haff/Elvis Presley. Because in all honesty, if it weren’t for the title cards, you’d never know that it was Bruce in the role. He simply transforms himself into the King and his performance of Presley is surprisingly subdued and down to earth as Elvis struggles with the fact that father time is catching up with him, and the regret he expresses over how he lived his life is downright fascinating. Plus, as an added acting bonus, the scene where Sebastian meets Elvis is nothing short of genius since Bruce plays both roles thanks to a little trick camera work and why this scene sticks out in my mind, is the sheer fact that it features two vastly different performances and it just speaks to how talented Bruce truly is as an actor.
Granted, I rarely spend much time talking about the acting when it comes to reviews because normally, the story and the performances need to go hand in hand together. But with this film being a low budget indie, the acting is key to carrying to the story here and the incredible work that Bruce and Ossie put forth make every single moment they’re on screen an utter delight to watch. In the end, this is just a fun horror flick. One that makes you laugh, scream and damn near cry (look, there was something in my eye at the end of the movie, okay?) and really, if you haven’t seen this one yet, add it to your collection and watch it as often as possible. Because movies as wonderful as this, deserve to be celebrated over and over again. 

<![CDATA[Nerds That Geek Movie Review: 'Skew']]>Tue, 20 Feb 2018 23:37:41 GMThttp://nerdsthatgeek.com/horror/nerds-that-geek-movie-review-skewWritten by Scott Edwards Picture
It is funny when you ask people of different ages about their past. While I come from a generation that loved to take pictures and insert them in to a book called a photo album, most everybody today pulls out their phones and brings up Facebook. While times have surely changed, there still is something to keeping photos that are important to you and your explorations over the years. While most people think that they will never forget that one trip even if they don’t have the photos to prove it, as we get older we sometimes start to lose our minds and along with that, our memories.

Seeing his friends Richard and Eva pulling up, Simon cannot wait to get in the car and away from the house. With a new (to him) camera in hand, he is going to shoot everything along the way. Telling his friends that Laura is not going to be joining them on the adventure, Eva tries to have a little bit of girl talk with her friend to find out what is going on but cannot get anything out of the scorned woman. Knowing that it is something that Simon has done, Eva tries to get his side of the story, but hiding behind the camera, he will not tell his dirty little secret that will change his and his friend’s lives forever.

After spending their first night camping out under the stars, the group decides that they will stay in hotels from here on out. As the sun sets and they are speeding down the deserted highway, the group is startled when they hear a crash outside of the car. Getting out and seeing that they have hit a coyote, there is nothing that any of them can do as they watch it die. Being somewhat distressed, the group is able to make it to the hotel and ask the clerk what they should do with the carcass. After getting the good news that the roadkill will be theirs if they want it, Simon sees something through the camera as the clerk’s face is completely skewed. Wiping off the lens, Simon discounts it as a smudge, but when he is woken up in the middle of the night to a gun shot before finding the clerk dead, he starts to wonder what is going on.

After a very awkward evening of drinking and a fight between Eva and Richard, the group take to the road once again and come across an elk standing in the middle of the road. As Simon gets it on film and the group heads down the road, they hear a crash and turn around to see the elk lying dead, allowing for Simon to start to put the pieces together. Making to their next stop, Simon tries to put Eva’s mind at ease as they talk about his relationship. As Richard and Eva fall asleep, Simon tries to call Laura to see what she is up to, but when he hangs up the phone, the room comes alive and looking through the camera, he sees someone in the room with them. Waking up his friends to find that there is nobody there, Richard and Eva start to believe that Simon is going nuts as the images he says he is seeing are real, but not even the tape is catching it. With a second-hand camera in hand, Simon becomes obsessed with shooting everything in his path, but as he takes notice that everyone that he is filming is winding up dead, he knows that he cannot become one of the next victims.

I enjoyed the premise of this movie quite a bit, and while the ending left me wanting more, it kept my attention most of the way through. With his own problems to worry about, Simon winds up filming Richard and Eva’s couple problems, in the hopes that something will happen in his favor. Then there is the camera that is showing strange images only to Simon, which is a very cool idea and it was fun when he was the only witness to what was happening to the group. But what I liked most about the story is Simon coming clean about what the camera is doing to him and his descent to a dark place when anyone questions him about it, even though he was not on screen. With a ghostly camera, spirits all around, people dying, animals dying, buildings burning down and only one person to blame for it all, the cause of the camera’s power may still be unanswered, but one thing remains certain; this camera will capture more than a memory, it will also steal your soul. Stay Scared.

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There are many ways on how people are able to cope with a stressful life and one of the things some of us love to do is sit back and have a drink. While you hear conflicting reports on what drinking too much or too little will do to your body, moderation is key overall. But, calming your nerves before you go to bed is really the only way that you can have a good night’s sleep, and a little whiskey can help with that. It does not matter what your pre-bedtime tradition is, as long as you are able to allow your head to shut down, if even for a couple of hours.

Arriving on Aran Island to cover another officer’s two week leave, Officer Lisa Nolan is shocked to see that her new partner is extremely hung over. Not offering to do anything for the young lady, Ciaran O’Shea is just taking notice that she is a ‘fine-looking woman’, but he is not ready to move on from the death of his wife just yet. Giving Nolan the tour of the island, the two get called down to the beach and find a gang of pilot whales that have washed up on shore with no real explanation. Taking note of the lacerations on the whales, there are just too many for Nolan or O’Shea to accept that it could be a coincidence. 

Getting back into port with his lobster trap in hand, Paddy Barrett is shocked to see that what he has caught today, is something that he has never seen before. Watching as the creature tries to feed on his friend, Paddy wants to keep this thing alive and takes the necessary precautions to keep himself safe, along with the creature. Knowing that when he shows it to someone, he will be able to make a fortune on his discovery, but little does he know what the creature is capable of. While out drinking with O’Shea, Paddy lets it out that he has a sea monster in his tub, but when he gets home to find that it is ready to eat him, Paddy is able to subdue the monster and bring it to the local scientist. 

At the lab, both Nolan and O’Shea are shocked to see the creature and do not fully understand what it is capable of doing. While the good doctor is working on his guess about the creature’s origin, he knows one thing for sure, that it is alien to him. With the creature being pregnant as well since the group sees the egg that was hidden inside of her, they quickly realize they must find the male before it wreaks havoc on the small island community. Finding the nest is the first thing they are able to do, but when seeing the male monster up close and personal, they know that their methods are going to have to change. Knowing that Paddy survived his attack with the smaller version, and being a drinker, the group turns to alcohol for the answer and what better way to kill a monster than over a pint.

As far as monster movies go, this is a pretty good one that will have you giggling, especially if you decide to drink along with the characters. All was not lost upon me while watching this, as one of the side stories is the love life of O’Shea and Nolan that gets lubed up with the help of the drink. I really enjoyed the character interaction between them all, it was just fun and when the drinks started flowing, well, you know what happens when people drink. The monster was not that bad as well, as you get to see many tentacles and a spike for a tongue that will bleed its prey dry. With a monster, many eggs, people going missing, pints of beer, stronger alcohol and the need to save the small island community. This is just a fun movie overall and what I really took away from it is that drinking may not be as bad for people as they think. Stay Scared.