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Being put in control of young minds is not something that can be taken lightly. Trying to mold them into functioning people is something that is very serious and why teachers should be given the upmost respect for doing so. Teaching our youth and seeing them bloom into real people is an amazing thing and I wish that more people would try to do it. With knowledge from the ages being hidden in someone’s mind and not being passed down, it is just a waste and it should not happen as much as it does these days.

Being short staffed and behind on her payments, Claire Taylor needs to get this next group of wayward teens out in the desert for another payday. With her partner’s nephew coming out to the retreat she is happy to get another able bodied almost adult on the roster to help out. Knowing that his nephew is able, Burt gives him a good talking to, to get him on the level, and even though he does not seem too enthused about the situation, Roth agrees to go along for the ride. Seeing the new group of kids arrive at Second Chance, the group sees that they will have their work cut out for them, but it is a drop in the bucket compared to what they will find on their trek. 

Getting the new kids to follow the rules is just one obstacle that the crew of Second Chance will have to face, as they see that there is plenty more wrong with these kids than expected. As Trapper has made it his duty to make the group’s lives a living hell on the trip, the other kids are not willing to take a stand against him. Making their way out into the desert for a week of survival training, Roth spots a young lady in Courtney that he has already seen in her underwear and tries to put the moves on her, but gets shot down instantly. Seeing that this will be more difficult than expected, the crew and their kids make it to their first camp location for a great night under the stars. 

Hearing a rumbling during the night, the group is awakened to find themselves in the middle of a stampede. Getting her SAT phone destroyed in the event, Claire has no way of calling home base. Making their way through the desert hills, the group stumbles upon something out of the ordinary, when finding some sort of capsule that is out of place. Looking over the area, Burt spots a truck in the distance that belongs to his friend Lenny. Checking it out and finding Lenny dead, he is ready to turn back, but Claire has some bad news for him about what awaits him back home. Burt is getting sued for hurting a kid on a previous trip and he is looking at jail time when this is over. Agreeing to continue with their adventure, Burt backs down and does his job to protect the kids the best that he can, but when something out of this world arrives in the middle of the night and kills him, there is not much that he is able to do. Seeing his uncle getting sucked dry by the creature, Roth is forced to step up into a role he was never made for, but with his life and the group’s on the line, they need someone to lead them to safety, especially with a killer alien on their heels. 

I must say that this looks like the worst summer camp that has ever been put together. Seeing how the group behind Second Chance tries to get respect from the kids, it is a wonder that there are not more pending lawsuits against them, because Burt is a big man that does not take crap from anybody. It was fun watching Roth grow into the leader of the group as people are getting taken out one by one, never saw it in the kid. I wish there could have been a little more back story into the troubled teens on the trip, instead of making me feel like they are just a bunch of entitled kids that need a butt kicking, but Courtney did say that her parents were not very good, so I guess that gives me something to work with. With a hike through the desert, a killer creature on the loose, out of control teens, a reluctant hero and a lack of adults to help in a situation, I liked how the creature was made indestructible, almost like a robot from space. With trouble everywhere you look in this movie, it might make you want to think twice about sending your kids away for a week when there is nothing wrong with a family vacation. Stay Scared.

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When moving to a new area it is important to know what the history is. If you are moving to a place where crime runs rampant or where people like to eat people, you might want to know about it. The history of small towns is amazing and should be spread around, because most of them are places that big city folks would like to move to. But there could be something in the area’s past, like an axe welding giant, or a coven, that could put a stigma on your potential new home that could help to affect your decision. 

After getting a promotion at work, Linda Lebon has great news to pass on to her husband, but Jerry is feeling pretty down. Knowing that he is just letting his life pass him by, he does not want to miss anything that his life is supposed to offer. Having dinner with their friends, Jerry and Linda hear about a small island community that might offer exactly what they are looking for. Getting a real-estate agent to look around Devlin’s Island for a property that they can afford, they are given one listing that might seem out of the ordinary, but it is too good to pass up.

Meeting with the current home owner, the newly widowed Beatrice Gower, Jerry sees all of the potential for the house and even keeping the old woman on the property is not enough to drive him or Linda away. With Beatrice moving to the cabin behind the house, the massive floor plan is ready for the city slickers to make it their own. Exploring the house and finding that everything seems to be perfect, Linda is starting to think that there is something strange about the people living on the island as none of them like her dog. 

Making their way into town with their friends Josh and Debbi, the group stops at a shop and does some sneaking around in the basement only to find an old coven set up. Being told to leave, they are shocked to see Linda’s dog has been hit by a passing car. Knowing that this is no accident, Linda does some more snooping around the neighborhood and when receiving a visit from her old friend Slater, her concerns about the area become real. Not being able to find a grave on the island newer than three hundred years old, Slater makes the promise to check out what has been happening on the island, but gets shot off a cliff before he can do any digging. Knowing that something is amiss on the island, Linda wants answers, but has no idea where they will lead her.

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, I miss the eighties, especially the movies. With storytelling needing to be the key focus, these older movies really do put the story front and center for the audience to get into. I loved watching the relationship between Linda and Jerry deteriorate as their time on the island moved on. Not knowing, but knowing that there was witchcraft practiced on the island, Linda is able to get all of the answers that she needed from an unexpected place while her husband is willing to shoot it down and embarrass her. With some witches, lightning, strange chanting, a tormented island history and a lack of dead people, it is really just a fun story to get into overall. Not being afraid of witches in the past, I have a new-found respect for them and will need to do a little bit of checking on my family’s past to make sure I will not be recruited. Stay Scared.

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I must admit that there is something special about living in a small town. While it may not be for everyone, the ones that tend to make it comfortable for new folks, do not seem to care that everyone knows their business. What upsets big city folk when trying to make it in a less hectic lifestyle is the lack of privacy, but let me ask you, is that a bad thing? There is something to be said about knowing your neighbors very well, like family if you will, and knowing if they are going to flip out when your dog leaves a present in their yard, gives you an idea of what kind of people they are. Knowing your neighbor better than your own family can help out more than you could ever imagine, but since so many of us are afraid to allow anyone new into our lives, our isolation makes life much more difficult than it should be.

Struggling to stay awake while on the night shift, Officer Daniel Carter sees a man who seems to be in distress. Thinking that he is just drunk, Daniel sees that the man is covered in blood and rushes him to the local hospital. Being the dead of night, only a skeleton crew awaits him, but it should be enough to find out what is wrong with the stranger. But before Daniel is able to get a read on how things are going, the night takes a turn towards the unusual.

Heading to the stranger’s room, Daniel is greeted by Beverly who has a something special for him.  Brandishing a scalpel to attack the officer, Beverly is not in charge of her body and Daniel does what he needs to in order to protect himself. Killing the possessed nurse, Daniel is taken off the case by his ranking officer Mitchell who wants to get to the bottom of what is happening in the hospital. But not everything is as it should be when leaving the grounds as a group of sheet wearing followers descend on the hospital. Trying to leave is out of the question as Daniel takes a shallow knife to the chest. Knowing that there is something strange happening, nobody in the hospital truly understands what it has in store for them. 

Hearing screams from the stranger’s room, Daniel and Mitchell see a creature that is coming out of Beverly’s body and do not have any sort of plan to kill it. As two more strangers make it into the hospital, a father and son team who know that these things can die take a shot, but it may not be enough for anyone as the darkness closes in on them. With their own problems to worry about, there are still patients in the hospital that need tending to. Trying to take care of a young pregnant girl is the first step in making sure things will be all right, but when Allison the nurse goes missing, Daniel will do anything to reunite himself with his ex-wife and is willing to take steps he never thought he would ever need to take.

I think I will just leave it at that, because the more you know about the movie, the less impressed you are going to be. I will openly admit that after hearing what other people have said about this movie, I had high expectations and I was not bummed out at all. With all of the twists and turns and everything going wrong in the hospital, I did not think that anyone would be able to leave there alive. I liked how all of the different side stories pulled together in the end and you get to see what hell on earth might actually look like. With a couple of monsters, blind followers, plenty of blood and guts and never having to fear death again, this movie takes you down a rabbit hole that I tried desperately to climb out of. Stay Scared.

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It’s never ceased to amaze me; just how much villains manage to captivate an audience. These are the men and women of a particular story that we are supposed to revile and reject, yet when they are written well enough, they suddenly fascinate us in ways we never thought possible and while I find their appeal amazing, I also understand why we smile with twisted joy when they return to the forefront of the story.
Because the fact of the matter is, evil fascinates us. We are raised to understand good, to be better people, so when we discover that one of our own, by way of fiction or reality, has chosen to reject their own humanity and harm others, we simply have to know more about them. What is it that brought them to this level of darkness? What made them okay with inflicting pain and suffering on others? The list of questions running through our minds goes on and on and it is the answers to those questions that make fictional villains shine and on last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, ‘The Big Scary U’, we finally got to learn more about the enigmatic monster that is Negan, and what we uncovered was downright fascinating.
To begin with, we came to learn that Negan’s true power over the Saviors, is his charisma. His constant confidence, his swagger and his temper all serve to maintain control over a group of men and women that quite frankly would tear one another to pieces without his leadership. But by being this cool and collected boss man, one that will throw down and put people in their place without question, everyone looks to him as a man with a perfect plan and as their true Savior since he appears to fear nothing in this world.
However, there is much more to Negan than meets the eye since Father Gabriel was able to uncover the fact that Negan used to work with children before the world came to an end, and he also had a wife, one that he loved dearly but treated like garbage and when her time came to pass into the great beyond thanks to an illness in the midst of the collapse of mankind, he was unable to put her down when she turned and well, it’s that sliver of weakness that made Negan so fascinating to me. Because it’s clear now that in that moment, the ruler and monster that we know today was formed in that critical moment.

Because when you combine the fall of mankind, with Negan’s inability to put down the creature his wife had become, you suddenly understand his logic and what he is trying to accomplish. The man is simply projecting his pain onto the rest of the world, and by becoming the protector of the Sanctuary, and by trying to put the world back together with a ‘get shit done, no matter what’ edict, he truly believes he is finally doing something worthwhile in his life. But his one mistake is that he has allowed for anger to be his fuel and by letting it supersede his more benevolent ideals, the more savage side of Negan has taken control and led us to this bloody conflict.
Yet perhaps the most fascinating thing we learned about Negan last night, is the fact that he and Rick are in essence on the same page. They both want to avoid a great loss of life because they understand that lives are important and let’s be honest, it was quite shocking to hear Negan, a man who crushes skulls with impunity and has learned how fear can control human beings, say out loud that people are a resource and nearly slap Simon around for even posing the idea of killing just for the hell of it and the fact that he even had to step in and do that, brings about the only real disturbing element of this entire episode, the fact that the men in charge might be losing their lieutenants to the power of blood lust.
Because even Rick is staring to see cracks in the foundation of the Alliance since he and Daryl came to blows last night over Daryl’s desire to wipe out every last human being at the Sanctuary, including the innocent, and that’s something that’s a huge deal, since clearly Rick will at some point, side with Jesus on the matter, which will no doubt allow for this conflict to grow when others severely disagree with the notion of mercy for the Saviors. But in the meantime, it’s supremely unsettling to know that both leaders have people ready to do horrible things to the other side, because that could lead to serious trouble if they are left to their own devices.
In the end however, this was quite the fascinating little episode. It was nice to go inside the inner workings of the Sanctuary and see how this place actually runs and what their top people are all about and really, it was magical to get to know Negan at last and while he’s still an ass biscuit for what he’s done, at least we know there’s still some good hidden underneath that leather jacket. Either way, the war rages on and hopefully Daryl and Rick can find common ground when it comes to how the innocent are treated in this war and also, I hope they can fix up Gabriel now that he’s sick from covering himself in rotten guts. Until next time.  

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It is easy to get so lost in your work that you start to neglect your family. It is important to find a happy balance between your job and your family or you could wind up losing one or both of them without even knowing why. Making sure to get your priorities straight when it comes to what is most important to you could cost you some opportunities over time, but there is nothing that can replace happiness. Put your family first, that is something I have always said and while I might not be the richest man, I sure am happy with my decisions.

After over three years of hunting for a serial killer, Matt has finally put the case to rest. Killing the man and saving the girl, Matt knows that he has been a disappointment to his ex-wife and hopes not to be to his daughter Chloe. Reflecting on what caused the breakup, Matt will do anything to make his daughter happy so she will not want to leave him alone in this life. Visiting Chloe, Matt has a present in the car just for her, but she winds up taking a piece of evidence from the serial killer case that will change the broken family’s life forever.

Making her own jewelry for her mother’s store, Chloe opens the box to see some interesting wooden dolls that will help her new business. Making them pretty, Chloe holds on to one doll a little bit too long and starts to have what her mother thinks is a seizure. Trying to calm her daughter down, a couple of customers in the store buy the new necklaces that the young girl made, only to find out that there is a curse laid upon them. 

Catching his breath, Matt gets called into a local homicide and has no idea why. Watching the tape of an out of towner killing a station employee, he still does not see why he was called in, but seeing a familiar symbol being painted in blood on the counter, it appears that his dead serial killer has a following. With more questions than answers about what is happening to normally well-adjusted people, Matt must face the reality about what the dolls really are, a curse. Wanting to find out more, Matt turns to the woman that raised the killer and finds out that his daughter’s life is also in jeopardy and finding the dolls is the only way to save her. 

I must admit that when I saw the title of this movie I was a little hesitant, mainly because I freaking hate creepy dolls altogether. While these were ‘Worry Dolls’, it did not make them any less creepy once you get to see the power that they hold. Watching the transformation of the people once the dolls hit their skin was really the best part of the movie, along with the blood flying everywhere. I was also drawn into the story with the exes fighting over what was right and wrong for their daughter and the poor girl fighting for her own life throughout. With a ton of blood, cursed worry dolls, a feuding family, hedge clippers, guns, glass and the need to kill, it really has made me think twice about haunted/cursed objects and what power they could really be holding on to. Stay Scared.

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The art of telling a story is one that many people are never able to do. I am one that really stinks at trying to tell a story, whether it is something that has been passed down through the ages, or something that I am trying to make up. There is a special skill that is required to tell a story, this is the real reason why I think alcohol was invented, so you can listen to a bad story teller without losing your mind. It takes years of practice to tell a good story and while some people like myself will never be good at it, the more chances you get to tell them in front of an audience, the better you should get.

The final day of high school has come and gone for Travis Brooks and he is looking for a place to lay his head before his next adventure is about to take place. With his good friend Nate, the two have decided to make their way up to Canada for the weekend to just get away. Needing to get directions on their way, the two stop into a little gas station where they get a shortcut that should save them some time. Even though they don’t take the attendant’s advice and will attempt to cross the border when it is closed, there is nothing that can prepare them for what is coming their way.

On their way up a creepy road, Travis is able to convince Nate to finally pull over so he can take a leak, but when he starts to hear something weird in the woods, Travis runs back to the car and begs his friend to drive as fast as he can. Seeing strange hairy people in front of the car, Nate hits one of them causing the car to stall out and the two are forced to watch as the wrath of the unknown is about to take them over. Ransacking the car, the hairy beasts are finally able to get inside and take Nate out of his comfort zone. Seeing that his friend is gone, Travis needs to get help and runs back to the gas station to try and contact the police, but his phone continues to cut out during the conversation so he calls Nate’s brother Chris instead, mainly because he has the guns.

Waiting for Chris to arrive, Travis tries to get the attendant to help him, but finds that everything is not as it seems in the old rundown gas station. Seeing newspaper clippings about Bigfoot and people going missing in the area, Travis focuses in on one story that he knew inside and out from a year ago where his friends were killed. Getting to see an old video about what the attendant really thinks the Sasquatch is, Travis is able to put everything together and pinpoints the attendant as the professor that has been shamed out of the community with his off the wall ideas. But he may be on to something with his theories, as the Sasquatch that Travis saw looked like people that were just wearing a furry coat of some sort.

After Chris arrives, he and Travis head up to a little cabin and set up camp. Searching the area, they stumble upon a cave and head inside only to find that they have located the den of these beasts. Before they are able to look any further for Nate, they are ambushed by the group and stuck up in the cabin with no chance of escape. Firing in all directions, Chris is able to get Travis out with little harm to get help, but it may be too late to save anyone that has seen the Sasquatch in these woods as they are living up to their vicious reputation that has been passed down throughout the years.

This really is a decent Bigfoot movie. As the story continues to play out and the obsession of finding out where the Sasquatch really came from grows, you get a theory that might actually make sense for once, that they are people rather than an ape or bear hybrid. You never know, I guess someone will just have to find one someday. I liked how most of the movie was Travis telling the story and then the cop who listened to him delivered a completely different account of what he believed happened, possibly putting Travis in the hot seat. With killer Sasquatch, an obsessed professor, a disbelieving cop, a love triangle and a kid that wants to prove himself right, it is more than just a simple Bigfoot movie that will send chills down your spine, but a film that will make you question everything that may or may not make sense in your own mind. Stay Scared.

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It’s rare that a television series sucks me in to the point where I find myself chewing on my nails out of anticipation and nervousness, but that’s precisely what Stranger Things managed to pull off when it comes to its second season finale. After all, we said goodbye to dear old Bob a mere episode ago, and I was jittery over the possibility that we might bid farewell to another character in heartbreaking fashion.
Thankfully however, ‘Chapter Nine: The Gate’ did not feature any terrible deaths, instead it delivered a tour de force finale. One that resolved every single plot thread introduced this season in beautiful fashion…starting with the ugly and long-awaited showdown between the Shadow Monster and Will’s friends and well, what made this part of the story so incredible, is the sheer fact that it took a three-pronged attack to defeat this powerful being.
First and foremost, Joyce had to free her son from the evil residing within him. Because once Eleven seals the Gate, any of the Shadow Monster’s minions left on Earth will suffer a slow and painful death after being cut off from the hive mind and after remembering what Will said about the creature liking it cold, she had an inspired idea on how to free her son, and using extreme amounts of heat at Hopper’s cabin finally freed her baby boy from the evil lurking in his mind.
While Joyce worked to free Will, Dustin and the gang decided they needed to help out as well. Because if Eleven was going to close the Gate, she needed a clear shot at doing so, so everyone piled up in the car after a nasty run in with Max’s step brother and headed into the tunnels beneath the city to set a fire to grab the attention of the Demo-dogs and draw them away from the Lab and thankfully, their plan worked like a charm.

​Because as the pack of Demo-dogs responded to the flames, Eleven and Hopper were able to get back into the Lab and deal with the tear between our world and the Upside Down and despite a few hiccups and after coming face to face with the Shadow Monster, Eleven was able to seal the rift at last, putting an end to this two year nightmare in beautiful and seamless fashion and yet…the show wasn’t done wrapping up this season’s storylines.
Because shortly after this grand showdown, Hopper and Eleven were finally able to understand a sense of family since Dr. Owens made a little magic happen by granting Eleven a birth certificate that tied her to the Sheriff, making him a proud poppa once more. Plus, the whole group finally seemed to move on from the nightmare that started a year ago and enjoy their childhood once again as was evidenced at the Snow Ball, and heck, Mike and Eleven finally shared their first kiss and Joyce has her family back together as well and it seemed that for the first time in the short history of this series…that everything ended happy.
But alas, we learned in the closing moments of the episode, that the Shadow Monster doesn’t go down easy and he’s quietly watching and waiting in the Upside Down and clearly…we’ll be seeing him again down the road. But in the here and the now, the kids are happy and so is the audience because wow…what a season. This one really had it all, depth, character growth, plot lines that weren’t left hanging and a satisfying and epic ending. There’s really no flaws to be found in season two of Stranger Things and the only question remaining at this point is how the Shadow Monster plans to return to our world now that his only way in is closed and sadly, we’ll have to wait another year to find that out. Until next time. 

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​Despite the fact that season two of Stranger Things started off in lighthearted and fun fashion, I think that deep down, we all knew that eventually, some supremely dark moments would come to fruition for the good people of Hawkins, Indiana, and while some might argue that Will’s possession by the Shadow Monster was dark enough, I would have to say that ‘Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer’ would serve as far more dismal territory, because holy cow…this was a heartbreaking and devastating episode through and through.
Because in many ways, the good guys lose in this one. The baby Demogorgons find their way into the Hawkins Lab and bring about the wholesale slaughter of just about everyone in there in another moment reminiscent of 1986’s Aliens and it was truly chilling to see this place mired in darkness and filled to the brim with monsters running about in the shadows, and while one might expect a hint of satisfaction to come with seeing the Lab get its just desserts since hey, this was all their fault in the first place, there’s no joy to be found in seeing these things have free run of the place.
But while all of that was tough to get through, it doesn’t top the hardest and most painful moment in this episode…the death of Bob. All over the internet I’ve seen people saying that the man deserved better and you know what? He did. It doesn’t matter that he was goofy or far too enthusiastic. He was a guy that simply wanted to see people be better to one another in this world, and to be open about their feelings be them good or bad and while he does get a hero’s ending by helping to save the day, his passing was downright soul crushing and while I understand that his death serves the story and adds danger to the whole matter, it doesn’t make his exit any easier.
However, despite the melancholy surrounding this episode, there was at least some silver lining in the end. At least the group now has a better understanding of what they’re up against since they figured out what the Shadow Monster is up to, in that it’s looking to conquer our dimension and world and one has to wonder how many other alternate realities this being has already sunk its smoky fingers into, and they also have an idea how on to beat him by way closing the Gate at the Hawkins Lab and as an added bonus, Eleven, is back! Her timing was simply perfect in this episode and I’m certain she’s the key to ending all of this madness.
If anything, THAT is how you set up a season finale ladies and gentlemen, because this tale did everything right. It was filled to the brim with action and adventure, we laughed, we certainly cried, and everything is set up perfectly for a grand showdown between good versus evil in the season two finale. But, considering the fact that the series was willing to off one of the good guys in this one, will everyone survive this final battle with the Shadow Monster? There’s only one way to find out…which means it’s time to part ways for a little while so I can steel my nerves before I press play to see how this story ends. Until next time.

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​When we last visited the world of Stranger Things, our beloved characters were facing an incredibly grim situation. The Shadow Monster had laid a trap for the soldiers at the Hawkins Lab and everyone inside said lab was now in danger of getting up close and personal with the legions of baby Demogorgons emerging from the tunnels beneath the facility. Which meant the next episode, should have been filled to the brim with action and terrifying moments as everyone worked to survive the imminent attack…right?
Well, as it turns out, this series decided to go in an incredibly bold direction by abandoning that action-packed storyline in favor of a dark and powerful character study since ‘Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister’ gave us Eleven’s darkest hour to date as she sought out the young woman she once shared the Rainbow Room with and well, after having watched this one, and having seen the reaction online to it, I have to say that I completely disagree with folks that found this one to be an awful episode; because this story was downright brilliant and necessary as well.
I call it necessary simply because Eleven has been the only real character without a purpose thus far this season. She’s been lost and desperate to find herself and peace for that matter and seeking out the only other person out there who can remotely understand her pain and her suffering is hands down the best way for that to happen. Plus, let’s be honest, her embracing of revenge as a whole is also a logical turn for this character since she’s never really enjoyed any resolution or justice when it comes to the people that have wronged her.
But most importantly, without going down that dark road, and coming to realize who she really is in the process and what matters to her, then there is no redemption for this troubled character and that’s what makes this episode so supremely special, the fact that this is Eleven’s long road back toward the light. Because she learns the value of life in this tale, and the dangers of revenge and of course, that there are people in this world that truly care about her and need her and this revelation could not have come at a better time since it’s clear that Mike and the gang desperately need her help right now.
However, regardless of whether you loved or hated this episode, I think we can all agree upon the fact that Millie Bobby Brown is ridiculously talented. She put on an acting clinic in this episode and left everything on the table and her fine performance is one of the many reasons this episode works for me, because all the pain and anguish that Eleven experiences in this tale felt one hundred percent genuine and all of that aside, this episode was a welcome break from one incredibly tense moment, one that I have no doubt we are about to be thrust right back into, because the Shadow Monster is on the prowl for blood and I am dying to know how on earth Will and his friends are going to get out of this mess. Until next time.   

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There is something about the unknown that always fascinates us. Not knowing how or why something will happen leaves everyone to interpret exactly what happened in their own way. While opinions will vary from person to person, the final result is always seen and whether it be good or bad, everyone will remember. There can be plenty of disagreements about what is happening when the moment finally arrives, but there is no mistaking the final result.

After driving out of town to visit with a patent, Doctor Alan Chaffee is shocked to see a barrier has been formed between himself and his home town. Finding out that everyone in the immediate area is unconscious and that it seems to be very contained, he is dying to get back to see his wife. Meanwhile Doctor Susan Verner has other things on her mind such as the possibility that this event could have spread further than the public will ever know. Waiting to see the folks inside the quarantine line start to wake up, the town is opened up once again, but with a major change that no one expected, all of the female residents are pregnant.

As tensions start to mount between some couples, others are taking it as a gift from above since they were not able to conceive on their own. Needing to decide what to do with their new gifts, Susan Verner has an offer for the town that nobody can pass up on. If they keep their child, they will receive three thousand dollars a month, plus have their medical expenses covered, even if their newborns will need to be poked and prodded for a short amount of time. As everyone decides to keep their unborn children, all of the women in the town go into labor at exactly the same time and seeing the healthy babies coming into the world, Susan is miffed that there is one that would not make it. Removing the baby from the barn, she has tests of her own that she is ready to administer to find out what was really behind this event.

Years pass and the new white-haired children are finding their place in the small town, but at a cost to the adults that are trying to care for them. With a rash of accidents and suicides, there is no one else to blame but the children as they have powers that nobody in town can recognize. But Doctor Verner knows exactly what is happening in the town and wants to keep a close eye on everything until her time runs out. As the children continue to come of age, they pair off, but one is left without his mate as she died during child birth and he wants to find out where she has been placed. Starting to have feelings, unlike the rest of his group, young David becomes more open to allowing his adult counterparts live and help him develop, but his gentleness comes too late as Alan’s daughter Mara is ready to inflict her wrath upon the entire world.

Quite the impressive little story that makes you wonder what might actually be out there. I will tell you one thing about me however, if my child comes out with funky eyes and white hair, I am bolting to another country to escape the wrath they will impose upon me. What I really liked about how the story played out is how David was never feeling the desire that his group shared to destroy everyone in their path and started to have feelings all his own. Showing that the evil can be defeated at least once is a huge victory for what little humanity was left in the town as Mara and her group were ready to unleash hell on Earth. With creepy kids, silly parents, messed up eyes, imaginative kills and a young leader who can control the hive, this is a story that will never get old, mainly because evil kids are just the creepiest thing ever. Stay Scared.